Monday, June 16, 2008

Does America Want McCain?

Via Huffington Post:

Lincoln Mitchell: During the recently completed primary season, roughly 35 million people voted for somebody who was not a white man. Clinton and Obama's overall vote total far exceeded that of all the white men in the race, for both parties, combined. In the Democratic Party, none of the three highly qualified white men, made it as far as Super Tuesday. Even in the early states when the Republican primary was still competitive and Republican voters could choose from a broad range of conservative white men, the majority of voters eschewed the white male options in both parties and voted for either Clinton or Obama. Click here to read more.


Putz said...

boy i wished i didn't live in utah, your logic is so simply true, there i did not miss spell one word unless mis spell has two s's or one s and then i guess since i used both spellings, one of them has to be wrong and the longer i go on this blog the more of a chance i have of making mistakes, darn

Debbie said...

O'reilly will have my head for going to Huffington! Yikes..I think he's at the door LOL!

I totally agree with the article though. I personally don't care if Obama was purple, and the young people are trying desperately to tell us old fogies they don't care about race and have many less hangups than we do.

McCain? As far as I'm concerned he can go on a cruise and relax somewhere..oh, maybe Dubai? He can monitor our pullout!