Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #2

Hey everyone, I'm a facilitator for the Quit Smoking support group at the North Shore University Hospital Tobacco Control Center. Our support group meets tomorrow and I'm going to ask them to give me their reasons for quitting smoking and I'll post them here when I get back at about 12:30 PM EST, okay? See ya then!

Well, okay I'm a little late - it's 1:43 PM. Sorry! But I am going to list here REAL AND TRUE reasons for quitting smoking:

1. You'll never again have to stand outside your own house to smoke!

2. You'll never again have to get dressed and run out at midnight because you're out of cigarettes.

3. You'll no longer have to balance a drink, a plate of appetizers, and a cigarette, at a cocktail party.

4. Little children will no longer tell you "P-yew, you stink!"

5. You'll stop checking whether you have your cigarettes on you when you go out.

6. You'll no longer be afraid to go to the doctor's.

7. You'll no longer worry how in the world you'll make it if, God Forbid, you have to go into the hospital.

8. You'll never be told you have to stop smoking 3 weeks before surgery or else we can't do the surgery.

9. That little wheeze in the back of your throat will go away.

10. You won't ever again have to leave a movie (and miss the best part) to grab a smoke.

11. Your teeth will get whiter all by themselves.

12. Your breathing will improve no matter that you've been diagnosed with emphysema or COPD.

13. The anxiety you suffer from worrying about what sort of damage smoking is doing to your heart, lungs, blood vessels, brain, will disappear.



Roger said...

Interesting. I been trying to quit for years.

Mrs Coetser said...

That is great - love the picture at the end.

I have always been passionately against smoking.

I did a Breathe Free Training Course to help others.

BTW - I have Linky Loved tagged you and Will be doing my other tag this weekend!