Friday, January 11, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

Sunday, January 13, 2007: I've written an UPDATE in the comments.


Take a close look at the photos above. My couch and my husband's (Vinny's) chair and ottoman. Both sit in my living room. As you can tell they are in real terrible condition (no kidding!) I've let them go for much too long. They need to be re-upholstered or replaced (No kidding, again!).

The couch is probably 12 years old and the chair is 41 years old. What? I've had the chair re-upholstered twice. It was part of a set that I have since thrown out. The couch wasn't expensive - I got it at IKEA.

Vinny and I watch TV sitting on this furniture. I sit in the far corner of the couch with my feet stretched out on the rest of the couch and Vinny sits with his feet on the ottoman. Both pieces are pretty comfortable.




I would really appreciate your opinion. I promise to let you know what I decide...

(I've chosen to do "Show and Tell Friday" on this blog instead of "Answers to the Questions" my other blog.)


Robin Lee Sardini said...

Hi Teach,
I guess it would depend on the frame of each piece. Are they stable, durable, still intact? The next question I would ask is will it cost you more to re-upholster than to buy new? That would depend on the fabric choices in part, I suppose. Which leads me to a suggestion. Perhaps you could go shopping for fabrics which you like and then make a decision. I take it you or someone you know is an upholsterer. Honestly, from your pics they don't look THAT bad...but I'm not the one sitting there with you ;-)

Kelli said...

Yes, there is a show and tell this week. I will put up Mr. Linky at 12:00am easter time!


Mimi Lenox said...

Honestly, I would replace...unless you're seriously emotionally attached. Sounds like you might be.

Siani said...

If they're comfortable, I'd say re-upholster. Will it be more cost-effective to re-upholster or replace, though? But comfort is far more important than appearance - although both look fine to me. You should see my sofa and chairs, LOL. I hide them under pretty throws, as they're so dilapidated.

BTW, I've tagged you, but please don't feel obliged to do it, if you don't have the time/inclination. Take care!

Hootin' Anni said...

If it's all so very comfortable, I would reupholster! Definitely. But if everything is breaking down ---then go for new. There's nothing like "new"....but for down home comfort there's nothing like a good 'family friend' like a favorite couch or chair.

Does that help? LOL

Rose of Sharon said...

I think you should replace it. You deserve to have something brand new, it is so fun to shop for furniture and it would thrill you! I checked into the cost of re-upholstering and it is almost as much as if you bought a brand new one!

Thanks for visiting my blog today, yes, the little deer are ornaments.

Hugs, Sharon

Lori said...

You could do either.
Personally I might just update and replace them.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

ellen b. said...

We too have a great chair and ottoman we've really run into the ground over the years. So comfy but we decided to replace it because it was so expensive to re-upholster. Since you bought the other piece at Ikea, I'd say replace!

Kathi said...

Hi Teach. Thanks for your kind comments to me.

I agree with Sharon. You deserve new, and yes, it would thrill you.

Blessings, Kathi

Gattina said...

I never repair, when I don't like anything anymore because it looks ugly and old or dirty I just threw it out and buy something new. Repairs are often even more expensive then new furniture, at least here it is so. And this way you could combine a new sofa with a new recliner, sounds better, no ?

Anonymous said...

Since you've reupholstered the chair before, you're familiar with the process. You might go looking at new furniture and see if there is anything you like and what the price range is. The last time we looked a couple of years ago I wasn't impressed with the selection. If you don't see anything you like and the frame is good on what you have, then you might reupholster.

Cheryl said...

I would slip cover both to match. There is some lovely fabrics out there... and then you could just toss them in the wash to freshen them up.

Susan said...

I would replace the couch but re-upholster the chair because of the age and history. Even if it cost more to recover than new. I believe in keeping old things!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great topic for Show and Tell.
I think I would go shopping and if anything catches my eye then I would replace them. In the mean time enjoy the comfort.

Kathy b

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Upholstery usually costs about the same as buying something new. Then, again, it could be hard to find as good furniture in comparison.

My husband teaches at college too!

nannykim said...

Guess it depends on whether you are doing it yourself and how much you love these pieces. I think the couch looks fine and homey as is! The chair looks like an old friend!!

Anonymous said...

oh I so much love IKEA!! I'd spring for a new set--will be more comfy (possibly you could find something at IKEA again?)

Anonymous said...

Hi Teach,
I tend to agree with Susan at Penless Thoughts. I would replace the sofa and reupholster the chair.
Looking forward to seeing what you do.
Good luck!

Travis Cody said...

If you have the means, then I suggest treating yourselves to nice replacements.

Le Butterfly said...

The couch looks so comfy but then again is it good for your health (back)?

Change is as good as a holiday is the old cliche' - I think you should treat yourself to something new.

Julieann said...

Okay, I may be the odd ball--but I love them just the way they are:) I would not do a thing. They look great and soooo comfy.


maryt/theteach said...

maryt/theteach's UPDATE: Thank you everybody for helping me make a decision about my furniture. Here's how it came out:

9 people said REPLACE; 3 people said REUPHOLSTER; 6 people were not sure.

I'M GOING TO REPLACE if I can. Today I've convinced hubby to go with me to Thomasville (first stop - yes, I know it's expensive) and look around for both couch and chair.

I'm delighted, guys. Tune in for results of our trip...:)