Friday, January 12, 2007

Encounter Point

I mentioned briefly in my Jan. 10th post a documentary called Encounter Point.

An article by Ilene Prusher in the Christian Science Monitor describes this documentary as a film which "gives those affected by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a chance to see people on both sides talking and listening."

The film crew consists of four young women - an Israeli-Canadian, a Palestinian, a Jewish-American, and a Brazilian - who want to present a different picture than the one prevalent in the media today.

"Encounter Point" is indeed a movie with a mission of fostering dialogue, in large part by discovering that many Arabs and Jews who have lost immediate family members are already engaged in the conversation, despite what seems like a rising tide of hostility.

The film profiles real yet extraordinary Israelis and Palestinians, some who meet regularly as part of the Bereaved Families Forum or with other groups that promote reconciliation. hese meetings show that at the heart of the war zone, people are going to great lengths to meet one another - and to convince their countrymen to give peace another chance.

Read the full article here.


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