Saturday, January 13, 2007

John Corzine is concerned that New Jersey reservists have to serve 3 more months in Iraq.

Quoting from an article "Tour Extended for NJ Guard troops in Iraq" ("

New Jersey's Democratic Governor Jon Corzine visited the troops last month. He calls the extension "inappropriate,"saying the troops due to return were looking forward to coming home.

"People were ready to come home," Corzine said. "They are stressed out."

New Jersey Senator Bob Menedez released a statement saying, "Today's announcement is the most compelling evidence that President Bush's failed Iraq strategy needs a new course."

Adjutant Major General Glen Rieth said. "These are citizen soldiers."

Suggesting, I think, that these troops shouldn't have to be there any longer than possible.



Barbara said...

Na incent ammiri! El, protorez mi khristrich nessen. Refleg altr eletenti mena zioresti perambeu unitam, ves. Xirasarx khr xir nossao guei yora homo.

the teach said...

Please, please translate! I'm dying to know what you said. I posted your comment.

Matilda said...

You write very well.