Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday

Drowsy Monkey is responsible for Mellow Yellow Monday.

A yellow stanchion (along with a couple more) to keep you from driving into Lighthouse Park, Roosevelt Island, N.Y.

Late flower decorations for Atlas Mall, Glendale, N.Y.

Another shot with the yellow stanchion different angle by wallyg

Thanks Drowsy Monkey!

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MYM said...

Yellow has many roles in our society ... lol. Some are for beauty, some caution ... it's a great colour! Well, it's the same with red of course ;)

Anonymous said...

What a great contrast in yellows. Excellent my friend :) Aloha

Sally in WA said...

Nice pics this week. :)

Carletta said...

Cool post Mary!
I love the flowers. They are beautifully done.
The last stanchion shot is my favorite. Just a shot of yellow off to the side that brings out the name of the lighthouse.

Unknown said...

Great shots! Another park I'll have to check out.

Anonymous said...












Speedcat Hollydale said...


Running around looking at all the yellow Drowsey has cooking. Your post is great :-)

Gudcatch said...

nice capture! I love the beautiful flowers....

Carolyn Ford said...

Great post (literally)! The flowers are beautiful...very nice post.

MaR said...

Love your yellow choices! Can't miss the yellow stanchion.

Tess said...

The second shot is really pretty.

Dianne said...

I always wondered what those things were called - stanchions sounds so strong

great shots Mary

Miranda said...

I love the lil bits of yellow found here and there. Nice shots!

Dianne said...

your comment made me laugh! the only word I would come up with is "thingie" LOL

I looked it up, you're correct
and would you believe there are whole sites that sell nothing but stanchions


I find that hilarious

Ms. Journ said...

yellow can be very useful in many this one you have here.
Here's My MYM entry.

Ladynred said...

Beautiful choices of yellow. love the flowers

bobbie said...

Very nice pictures, Mary. Hope you enjoyed your visit to the lighthouse.

Becca said...

I always love when people drive through those things lol

Martha said...

Great yellow, and those "things" have a name! There is my learn something new every day!


storyteller at Sacred Ruminations said...

Nifty selection of yellows for this week ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Mary Bergfeld said...

I love your photos this week. The stanchion is a particular standout. I hope you are having the brightest of days.