Saturday, August 07, 2010

The Adventures of the Ibama Twins

Episode 6
Max and Rex are staying at the Hotel Tesoriero on Panerea Island. It's located near the arrivals docks.
Hotel Tesoriero offers rooms with spacious private terraces, surrounded by a lush garden, some of which provide a suggestive panoramic view on the rock facing the island and of the Isle of Stromboli.
On request, the Tesoriero can provide a shuttle service with electric shuttle, to and from the harbor.

Max has been looking for Rex since they checked in but no luck... He's not worried though, the island is only 3.3 km² long. It will be easy to find him, dontcha think?

Episodes 1-5 are here 

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Mags said...

These are pretty hilarious Mary!! I've seen them posted on Facebook but haven't clicked over in a while (so sorry about that!! I'll try to be better, I swear. :)

I hope you're well...