Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Family Holiday Letter

December 6, 2009

Dearest Family,

Well, it’s that time again; time for the holiday family letter from the Knutsons. I guess the most exciting thing that’s happened this year is that Mom & Dad both applied for, and were accepted to, Medicare! Imagine! Just in time for Dad to order those special diabetic shoes that he’s been wanting for the longest time.

Medicare paid our pharmacy $800. for them. They could never have afforded them if they’d had to pay for them themselves. They certainly don’t have any trouble with health care, Ha! We would ask you though not to spread this around the family or tell any of your friends. You never know with all the hullabaloo about health care in the country what could happen if people or the politicians found out.

So now let’s see, oh yes, Abilena’s teacher says she’s so good at coloring with crayons that she will probably be a designer some day. Also she was picked to play the lead in her kindergarten play, The Taming of the Shrew. I’m sure you know that’s a Shakepearean comedy. I thought it was amazing that the kindergarten teachers got together and agreed NOT to modernize the language but to leave it in Shakespeare’s own dialect so that it would be more authentic. The kids did an amazing job!

Abner graduated from elementary school this year and is going to a special magnet school for engineering. I’ve been driving him to school every morning, getting up at 5 AM to get him there on time. I’ve just about had it with freezing cold mornings because the car ( now 10 years old) has to be warmed up for almost a half an hour before we’re able to go. I’ve been asking Abner’s Dad to take over for me but so far no luck! Oh well, that’s the way it is when you have kids. You must sacrifice all (not to mention sleep) for them…

My big one, Ace, had a little problem this year but he was lucky. He got off with a strict warning and 250 hours of community service for his DUI. We always tell him not to drink and drive especially when he’s driving home from college to visit us. There are so many cops along that stretch of the Saw Mill Parkway just waiting to pick off young men who have just a teensy bit too much alcohol in their bloodstreams.

Believe it or not we got another cat this year. Yes, another cat. That makes 5 cats but, really we just love them all. We’re spending a lot of money on kitty litter but Costco usually has a bargain on 100 lb bags so we stock up weekly. I’ve been trying to get Abilena or Abner to clean out the litter boxes regularly but I’ve been having a little trouble getting them to do it. I usually end up doing it when the odor gets offensive. The kids are really quite busy with school, the dance and sports, so I can’t blame them totally.

Well, I guess that’s it for this year. I wish you all a very HAPPY HOLIDAY and HAPPY NEW YEAR. I don’t expect any of you will complain this year the way some of you did last year that I use generic holiday greetings. After all, if you want to say Merry Christmas, fine. But, as you know, we are extremely broad-minded and don’t want to give offense to anyone.

Love at the holidays,

Abril & Adrian Knutson, the kids and the kitty cats


Queen-Size funny bone said...

you asked for it you got it!

Putz said...

don't get me started again on health care

Quilt Works said...

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Quilt Works said...
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Quilt Works said...
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Quilt Works said...

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Quilt Works said...

Looks perfect now :-)

Felisol said...

Dear teach Mary,,
I hope the letter for next Christmas will be more uplifting.
In Advent it's better to light a candle than to curse darkness.
From Felisol

♥ Kathy said...

Love that the kitty cats were in the signature :) my mother always signs her letters "love momma and dogs" :D

Nishant said...

looks like you posted your html into the compose page,

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