Sunday, October 04, 2009

Take This Tune - La Boheme

Jamie's post at Take This Tune suggested opera and Puccini to me. And whenever I think of Puccini I think of La Boheme.

Giacomo Puccini (December 22, 1858 – November 29, 1924) composed La Bohème, a four-act Italian tragic drama. Libretto was written by Giuseppe and Luigi Illica based on the novel Scènes de la Vie de Bohème by Henry Murger. It was premiered in Turin Teatro Regio, February 1, 1896. The setting is in Paris circa 1830.
Notable arias: "Che gelida manina" (Rodolfo), "Mi chiamano Mimi" (Mimi) and "Vecchia zimarra" (Colline), Musetta's aria (Musetta)
Puccini's La Bohème is one of the frequently performed opera worldwide. Although he competed with Ruggero Leoncavallo of Pagliacci fame, who at that time was also writing the story, Puccini's version of La Bohème proved more popular and lasting, with its poignant story and melodic score of a perfect marriage and true friendships.


Durward Discussion said...

Beautiful. I've always loved La Boheme and then came RENT. I'm wild about the soundtrack and particularly, Seasons of Love. Thank you for playing Take This Tune

Ginny Marie said...

La Boheme always makes me cry. Pass the tissues, please!

Travis Cody said...

Beautiful voices. I'm a very selective fan of opera, so I don't know very much about it. This music was lovely.