Friday, April 10, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday and Shadow Shot Sunday

I hope I can post for both these memes this week. It's going to be a busy weekend what with cooking on Sunday and all.

Here's my photo which I think works for both LATSOF (as Mo would call it) and SSS.


Another later afternoon cemetery shot. When I looked at the shot after I uploaded it to my computer I realized That tree made an excellent shadow. And the sky was so clear and bright blue.
Calvary Cemetery, Queens, N.Y.

Go visit Tisha at Crazy Working Mom for Looking at the Sky on Friday's participants

and Hey Harriet for Shadow Shot Sunday participants.


ROSIDAH said...

I love bright blue skies! Have a great weekend :)

Jim said...

This is a very nice picture, Mary. I have some from cemeteries. I may try to dig them out.

And right in the middle of doing my taxes I did break down to do some Sky Looking. I've procrasted from that and RR now for quite a while. I've been terribly busy.

Daryl said...

Yes .. that is a good one indeed .. Mary you did well on that trip to the cemetary, you got a lot of good shots ...

Norm said...

nice capture of the sky it's wonderful, happy Easter to you..

Misty Dawn said...

Love this! The composition, the sky, the shadow... everything is great in this photo!

Ralph said...

This sky shows how life continues, even in a place of sadness. A beautiful look!

Dianne said...

it's a perfect shot for both

Karen ~Georgia Angel said...

Beautiful. I love it. Thanks for sharing. Love your easter table too. Happy Easter!

Arlene said...

What a lovely blue sky, Mary! Thanks for sharing.

May you have a blessed easter week-end!

Anonymous said...

Interesting photo, and beautiful blue skies! Nice shot.

Hey Harriet said...

Beautiful shot! It works perfectly for both memes for the reaons you mentioned. And I love the cracks in the pavement. They add even more character to the image :)

Sweet Repose said...

Such beautiful history shrouded in many lives, so many memories. Beautiful image!


Gallery Juana - ギャラリー ワナ said...

I like all the angles in this photo. The tombstones are reaching up to the sky. The sky is reaching toward the foreground, and the tree shadow is reaching toward the background.

Sylvia K said...

What a great shot! Oh, and such beautiful blue skies! Beautiful composition. Thanks, Mary, and Happy Easter!

M.Kate said...

Excellent shot and perfect for both theme. Happy Easter :D

sarayutouched said...

Yes, i think that your picture fits beautifully into both catagories.

happy Easter...

bobbie said...

I love your photo. Of course it works for both memes.

Enjoy your holiday celebration.

Rosebud Collection said...

What a pretty picture..shadow is lovely..Peaceful.
Happy Easter/SSS...

Anonymous said...

Fine shot; I especially like the shadow in the foreground.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful shadow the tree has created and of course I love the headstones.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Nice tree shadow, Mary. Have fun in the kitchen. ;-)

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Gosh - just look at that sky! It's fantastic! Love that bigo ol' tree shadow smack in the middle - perfect!

Anonymous said...

Love the vibrant sky. It's kind of sad but happy at the same time, a beautiful day for life to continue. Happy Easter!

BLOGitse said...

bright and light! :)

Hot Fudge said...

Some beautiful shots can be found in the most amazing places, and this is one of them.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic shots of the shadows and the sky!

Happy Easter!


Christy said...

this is a great shadow shot, love the entire scene you captured here!

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