Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pagan Sphinx of the blog of the same name has graciously bestowed these awards on me. I am so appreciative, Pagan Sphinx! This is what she said:

"The Teach at Work of the Poet - I don't know The Teach very well, but I have to give her the awards simply because she hosts Ruby Tuesday, which brings me so much satisfaction weekly! You rock, Teach!"

I think Pagan Sphinx and I are getting to know each other better even in just the last few days! Thanks Sphinx, YOU rock!

I want to pass these awards on to a few VERY special people who over the last week or so have shown how much they care about me and understand. They have taken time out to commiserate with me on certain issues and I really, really appreciate it!

Travis of Trav's Thoughts

Gattina of Writer Cramps

Dianne of Forks off the Moment

Bond of The Big Leather Couch

Sandy of Writing in Faith



Bond said...

I am totally honored...

And though I really do not like the song...I can only say


Travis said...

Thank you very much.

And I really respect the way you rose above that mess and turned it into something positive.

You rock!

Dianne said...

thank you Mary

and to be in such wonderful company - I'm honored

Putz said...

lucy says that it is critical you understand what will happen if o gets in

Sanni said...

Congrats, Mary - very well deserved. You and your blogs are uber amazing :-)

My deepest apologies I didn't play RT last week. I bought MAC OSX Leopard and it took me a while to install everything and return to Blogland. I've had something very special spooky prepared - with a tad of red. I'll make use of this photo later... although it was hard not to use it for today's photohunt.

As soon as I will have the photo-edit progz installed I'll join Sephia Scenes, too, okay? :-)

Gattina said...

Thank you so much ! I think it is so nice if people of two different continents and different countries find commun interests and can exchange their ideas and discuss together !