Sunday, October 26, 2008


We had such a good time!



Mags said...

What a beautiful little boy! His eyes just shine with happiness and laughter.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

he's a cutie and they are so much fun at that age.

Travis said...

What a cute little guy! And I want a big drum like that too!

Jamie said...

What a beautiful child. How can you resist scooping him up for hugs and kisses.

MyMaracas said...

He is a adorable, and looks so sweet. Having kids around is just the best thing ever.

Dianne said...

the fun shows!!

Happy Birthday!

Oy drums LOL

Felisol said...

Dear teach Mary,
Thank you for inviting to such a wonderful birthday party.3 is a wonderful age. The child mature enough to understand what's going on, and still unspoiled at heart, able to enjoy the presents and the surprises.
From the pictures I can clearly see that the grown ups are enjoying the child's joy also with a full heart.
Their excitement -; just as moving.
From Felisol

Patti said...

Your grand-nephew is adorable. His smile lights up the room, I can tell!

Looks like everyone there had a great time.

storyteller said...

What a lovely header change ;--)
What a QT your grand-nephew is and what fun to see all these photos in your slide show. The treats looked tasty and his smile is utterly delightful!
Hugs and blessings,