Sunday, May 11, 2008

Six Random Things About Me

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So whaddya think? Want to know SIX RANDOM THINGS about me? Ah sure you do! Julia at A Piece of My Mind tagged me!

I love BLOGGING. Yeah, so what else is new?

I love taking photos and posting them on my blog. No kidding?

I'm a stickler for correct spelling, correct English. Gee, Teach, I didn't know that... And I've seen you make a mistake once in a while.

I quit smoking 3+ years ago. Yeah, yeah you've told everybody you know!

I've taught in elementary school, high school and college. So?

I'm aunt to 3 sweet wonderful nephews and a the best niece in the world! Aaaaawww!

I'm not going to tag anyone, especially today because you're busy enough...

Happy Mother's Day to Everyone!



Julia Smith said...

Hey - I didn't know you quit smoking! Brava!

And I'm picky about my spelling, too. I just double-checked two words in my comments in a recent blog visit just to make sure before I posted them. Good thing, too - one of them was spelled wrong.

me and my camera said...

Hmmm... I could have written that, just change the number of years ago on the smoking and the nephew count. Actually, next to blogger, I probably visit almost as often. You have an interesting blog! Thank you for the comment and your visit to mine.

-a former teacher

Travis said...

Congratulations on quitting smoking!

I'm so picky about spelling and choosing the right word too.

Napaboaniya said...

*clap on Mary's back* on being able to quit smokin'!! :)

p/s: I sent out via registered mail, don't think it'll get lost right? *gulpz*