Monday, May 12, 2008

Manic Monday

Mo's Doodle-self-portrait:
Jazper, Chloe, Spooker, Daphne, Little Isis,
and Not The Mama!

Manic Monday this week:
For every blog that posts a Doodle of a CAT
AND leaves their linky here on this post:

Mo will donate 50¢
to Cat Friends Helping Friends!

So here are two CAT DOODLES for Manic Monday:

Oh gee, it's not even centered. But I guess that doesn't matter, right, Mo?



anthonynorth said...

And excellent cat doodles they are, too.

Jamie said...

Happy Mothers Day and a good Manic Monday.

Rory, Miz Priz, KiKi Boom, Mittens, and Wizard all think your kitty doodles are grand.

Mariposa said...

Nice doodles!!! Happy MM!

crazy working mom said...

It's beautiful. There are some talented Manic Monday doodlers in our blogosphere! This has been fun.

Sarge Charlie said...

do you teach art

Claire said...

They are great cat doodles, mine cats are hidden in larger doodles :)

Kimmie said...

Hi Mary!
Your cat doodles are adorable!

Janna said...

Neat! I like them!
And don't worry about it not being centered. My cats rarely pose exactly the way I want them to either. :)
Happy MM!

The Jannaverse

Scout said...

Nah, it doesn't matter to Mo if it's not centered. After all, what kitty cat IS centered?

WillThink4Wine said...

Mary, just look how creative & artsy you are! I love the first one! Janna's right, for every photo I get of my cats that framed well, I have dozens that are not!

Barb, WillThink4Wine

Gandalf & Grayson

Ivanhoe said...

I'm amazed how many people were able to do their own doodles. Nice kitties!

Roger said...

Very cool doodles Mary!

Cheerio said...

Fantastic. They are so good looking.

Suzie said...

Great doddles

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Really cute kittycat doodles!
Mom loves the whiskers!

~ Sara

Akelamalu said...

Those are truly great doodles!

Bond said...

In kase you are boared today, I did this comment after readin your little meme from yesterday

nice Kat pikcures


Anonymous said...

Call the Louvre, I think we have two new pieces exhibit!

Travis said...


And second one with the floating kitty head leaves a sense of mystery. What does kitty spy?


Roger said...

Mary thank you for putting up my add on your sidebar!!! Your the best and "You Rock!" :D

Mo said...

You're right - it doesn't matter that they're centered! Have you ever known a cat to center themselves for a portrait?
It's Monday evening, and we have 80 blogs that have participated in our Manic Monday Cat Doodle Fun Fund Raiser!
That's $40 for Cat Friends Helping Friends!
Thanks for doodling!
~Manic Mo

Jewelgirl said...

Hi Mary, I've wondered where
you been, now I know doodling
for the cat blogosphere!
Cute kitties!

Chuck said...

Hey, you done good. Those are adorable. No centering necessary. And $.50 donated is kitty kool :)

Sammawow said...

Those are really good cat doodles for a good cause! I had fun doodling - it may continue!