Monday, February 04, 2008

Unconditional Friendship Award

Misty Dawn of My Dogs Keep Me Sane has graciously given me the following award:

"Here by popular demand - is an award featuring the one and only adorable Maggie May.

Maggie's photo is very appropriate for this award, because it is the Unconditional Friendship Award, and we all know that puppies and dogs provide unconditional friendship, loyalty, and love.

My friends here in the blogosphere have shown me support, encouragement, and love without the reservations, judgments, and restrictions which face-to-face relationships sometimes fall victim to. It doesn't matter what size I am, what color I am, if I'm physically attractive or not, or if I have a disability - you took the time to get to know me through my words, my thoughts, and, yes, my goofiness too. You have picked me up when I was ready to hit bottom, you have laughed with me, you have been my cheering squad, you have shared your own lives with me - and you've done all of this because you took the time to get to know me without any judgments. You have honored me with some of the most wonderful friendships I have ever encountered! For that, I thank you with all my heart!

Please accept this award as a token of my thanks (and so you can have that cute puppy hanging on your blog) - also PLEASE feel free to pass this award along to those friends who have shown you Unconditional Friendship, and, if you don't mind, please link it back to me. Thanks!"

Thank you, Misty! I really appreciate this award.

And now I give this award to the following people:

Sandee of Comedy Plus
Sandy Carlson of Writing in Faith
Travis of Trav's Thoughts



Sandy Carlson said...

Mary, Right back at you! I have had one humdinger of a day, so I turned to the real deals of the human race for support, all of whom reside in the blogosphere and who sometimes pause in my email. Behold! There's Mary with the sweetest of gifts: the exact right words. You said it all. Thanks, Mary. God bless.

PS I need to add your link to my blogroll. Wonder what took me so long....

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Misty gave me this one too. I'll incorporate your award in with her. Thanks Teach. :)

the teach said...

So glad you, Sandy, and you, Sandee, are happy with your awards! :)

Travis said...

Thank you my dear!

The Mama Bear said...

A special award for a special gal. Unconditional love and supprt, nothing finer than that in this world.
Mama Bear Hugs