Thursday, February 14, 2008

SIX-WORD MEMOIRS writing contest

Would you like to try this?

Write a 6-word memoir. Read on...

When Hemingway famously wrote, "For Sale: baby shoes, never worn," he proved that an entire story can be told using a half dozen words.

When the online storytelling magazine SMITH asked readers to submit six-word memoirs, they proved a whole, real life can be told this way too. The results were fascinating, hilarious, shocking, and moving.

Leave your 6-word memoirs in the comments and I'll name a winner by February 14th.

And I'll post your memoirs right here on my blog!

Deceptively simple and surprisingly addictive, the memoirs from Smith magazine have been collected in Not Quite What I Was Planning available from Barnes & Noble and Amazon.



JC said...

Had it, lost it, still looking.

Bond said...

My life has changed, for better.

Mary said...

Married young, widowed young, remarried middleage.

Misty Dawn said...

Because of my grandparents - I am.

WillThink4Wine said...

Oldest of eight, life won't wait.

Sandy Carlson said...

Mary, I accept the challenge and will be back! Thanks for doing this.

Jeff B said...

A mirror, reflections from my past.

genny said...

1. When we love, we receive love.

2. Want love, you give me love.

3. Love me, love me, dear tenderly.

Feathering My Nest said...

Period: death of a dream-- Barren

Jamie said...

Black sheep product found joy anyway.

Sandy Carlson said...

She works the lost and found.

Sandy Carlson said...

Back for a third time in one day with a tag for you, Mary. The book meme. It's here: Writing in Faith: Thoughts

God bless!

AnimeFreak40K said...

I feel older than I am.

The Mama Bear said...

One woman, One Man, Equaled Me.
Blind Date...Sex, Baby...Hello Vietnam!
Seen, Heard, Shadow I am Not!
I live Love, love to Live!

~ Penelope Anne
Great idea, thanks for the invitation.

napaboaniya said...

Once a mother, forever a mother.

secret agent mama said...

All light gathers in the middle.

My camera illustrates what I "see".

Hold my hand, as I yours.

Blessings not acknowledged are often missed.

I could go on, but I'll stop! :D

Me & my puppies said...

Since I am a women of few words, I embrace this idea. Let me think on it.

Me & my puppies said...

Searching 40 years, found my soulmate.

Yummy said...

I have started making a LIFE!

Janna said...

Oooooh, I love doing these. I did a bunch of them on my blog last April.

(Click HERE and
HERE to see those posts.)

Here are the ones I'd like to submit:

THAT one
deserved my bullet most.
Smiles hid the tears
every time.
I died once;
You never cried.
Occasionally I actually
Believed in something
Found you, lost...
Lost you, finally

Hazel said...

wow, wat to write ,let me think of it first

Anne said...

Strange but I don't feel poor.

Coriander Dreams said...

I'm living, I'm loving.

Leonard Blumfeld said...

Here's a six-word story (does that qualify it as a "memoir"?):

Art lessons! Gone with her prof...

Feathering My Nest said...

Well, I've thought about it, and I really must do the flip side. So on a happier note here it is:

fathomless joy, secret within-- formerly barren

Greg Finnegan said...

Here, short as ever, are some:

Love you forever. Don’t call me.

When she’s grown, I’m outta here.

Just cock the hammer, like this.

Oops. Now the airplane is inverted.

Iraq to Korea? About 12 minutes.

DON’T drink that … well, never mind.

If you’re sick, use my purse.

Sting ray? You’ve got to be…

A collect call. From the Pope.

Sure they don’t have a nuke?

Nicest folks on earth, the French.

Badges? Don’t need no stinkin’ badges!

I’m gettin fond of that bitch.

Read my lips: No new taxes.

I took initiative, inventing the Internet.

I didn’t live in this century.

Well, I am not a crook.

Everybody is ignorant on different subjects.

Nothing to fear but fear itself.

Marijuana? Once. I did not inhale.

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

Life, without joy, is eternal death.

I have grown because of love.

Mariposa said...

LIFE is what I make it.

Mo said...

Came out, found love, now alone.

Mo said...

Cats are better companions than men.

Mo said...

Every day above ground worth living.

Bond said...

my son, my life, my reason

Chuck said...

ooooh - this looks fun. i'll come back when i have more time. in the interim, come by. i've tagged you...and I have awards. I have actually put you in my blogroll yet, but you're on my "to-be-added-to-my-blogroll"!

Soapbox Girl said...

I could not ask for more.

Roger said...

Take a dump, no toilet paper.

Maddy said...

Newbie - that looks like fun.

Chuck said...

My heart is in your hands.

(It is Valentine's Day, after all *winking*)

just me said...

Looking around, exhausted;

Looking up, contented.

Feathering My Nest said...

Oh yes, that would be fine. This has been fun for me. Thank you for the opportunity to try something scary and new. I mean really scary,and truly out of character for me. Kathi

Travis said...

Lost football, Corps. Found different path.

forgetfulone said...

God and family; life worth living.

forgetfulone said...

Let me try again.

I'll be okay on my own.

forgetfulone said...

Last one for today, I promise.

Been there, done that, loved it!

Gellianne said...

You've got me thinking on this.

Simply me, just as I am.

Whatever, whenever, wherever, I will follow.

I still love to think more.

Oh, Mary, you really got me on this. I love such games.Thank you.

Donna said...

Drawing nearer the finish line daily.

Mica said...

Dream and expect, act and succeed.

Skittles said...

Despite everything I can still love.