Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wisdom Award

~See Thursday Thirteen below~

In honor of Chinese New Year I would like to give an award to a number of my blogger friends:

The Chinese character for "wisdom" (Chih) is a complex one with a simple message. It means the knowledge that spreads and enlightens like the sun's rays, benefiting the world at large.

Chih is one of the 5 Confucian virtues: li (propriety), chih (wisdom), jen (human-heartedness), i (righteousness), and hsin (sincerity). Sometimes the character means awareness.

I give this award to the following bloggers because they are smart, insightful, kind, and wise. They spread light across the blogosphere:

Sandy Carlson of Writing in Faith
Sandee of Comedy Plus
East Coast Life
ellen b. of The Happy Wonderer
Elaine/Ling of It's Not a Weekend; It's A Lifestyle

Feel free to cut and paste the award and place it on your sidebar. I will give out the award to 5 more people in a couple of days.



Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Thanks Teach. My post is up. I didn't pass it along because you are the author and you have more folks to pass it along to. Big hug and have a great day. :)

ellen b. said...

Wow Maryt, I'm humbled by your award to my blog. I appreciate your kind words and your thoughtfulness. :)

Nissa - said...

What a cool award!

napaboaniya said...

Mary :) Thanks so much for the Wisdom award. My very first award..heehee

I'll instill this word in my head to remind myself at all times not to stay 'dysfunctional' :P

Whichever you scream Elaine or Ling, I'll still reply with a huge grin :)

Sandy Carlson said...

Thanks, Mary. I'm touched. I'll add it to my sidebar now with a link back to you. God bless, and thanks for being so thoughtful, kind, and encouraging. You're great.

ellen b. said...

Hi Maryt,
I put a post up today about your award. Thanks again...

eastcoastlife said...

Hello Mary!!
Thanks for the wonderful award. ^-^
I manage to come get it before Chinese New Year.

It is so wonderful to know you. I realise you have a great sense of humour too. hehe....