Saturday, January 12, 2008

Crazy Eights Meme

Siani has tagged me for this meme.
Here we go:

1. 8 things I'm passionate about:
1. Getting our troops out of Iraq

2. New York City
3. Human rights

4. Free press

5. Echinacea

6. Books and literature

7. Blogging
8. Jake Gyllenhaal

2. 8 things I say often.

1. No Sh__, Sherlock!

2. What?

3. Do you have just 12 items in that cart, ma'm? You know this is the Express line.
4. Was that you calling at dinner time every night for the last week?
5. No, I don't want any.

6. How was your day, dear?
7. Thanks.

8. No thanks.

3. 8 books I've read recently.

1. Saturday Ian McEwan

2. Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte

3. The Photograph Penelope Lively
4. Never Let Me Go Kasuo Ishiguro

5. Maurice E.M. Forster
6. Housekeeping Marilyn Robinson
7. Revolutionary Road Richard Yates
8. In the Time of the Butterflies Julia Alvarez

4. 8 things to do before I die.

1. Swim with dolphins
2. Buy a time share in Florida
3. Visit Ireland

4. Take up writing poetry again

5. Prove that my husband is always wrong

6. Get a complete in-the-round entertainment system

7. Get a new couch and chair

8. Clean out my refrigerator

5. Eight songs I could listen to over and over again.

1. Chances Are Johnny Mathis
2. When a Man Loves a Woman Percy Sledge

3. It's Not for Me to Say Johnny Mathis

4. Love in an Elevator Aerosmith

5. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy Rod Stewart

6. Return to Me October Project

7. You Go to My Head Rod Stewart

8. Hotel Cailfornia Eagles

6. Eight things that attract me to my friends.
1. Open-mindedness
2. Sense of humor

3. Intelligence

4. Kindness
5. Curiosity

6. How high they can jump

7. Well-readedness
8. Their eye color

7. Eight things I learned in the last year.

1. I'm not that crazy about the holidays

2. I prefer my own company

3. That the past finally doesn't matter

4. Netflix stinks

5. Hollywood spends entirely too much money making movies

6. Network TV stinks
7. I don't ever want to have to go to the hospital again

8. I really hate shoveling snow

8. Eight people I appreciate enough to tag:
1.Mrs. Coetser

2.Comedy Plus
3. Sandy Carlson


7. Bridget

If you don't have the time/inclination to complete the tag - don't worry about it. It's a very long meme!



Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Hi Teach - I've already done this one back in October. Here's the link: Crazy Eights. Thanks for thinking of me though. Have a great day. :)

the teach said...

No problem, Sandee!

Siani said...

Ooh, very interesting. That Aerosmith song brings back a few good memories for me. I haven't been to Ireland for many years - but if you get the chance, go. You won't be disappointed. I know what you mean about network TV. It generally stinks here in the UK, too. I simply don't understand how so many people can sit in front of the TV for hours on end, being spoon-fed utter brain-rot. If there was no such thing as cable TV, and documentary channels, I'd happily live without a TV.

Thanks for accepting the tag - I've discovered quite a few interesting and unexpected things about you. Hope you're having a nice weekend!

the teach said...

Thanks Siani!

Sandy Carlson said...

Thanks for the tag. I will give it a try. I enjoyed reading your answers! Thanks for thinking of me. God bless.

Mrs Coetser said...

I will do mine on Tuesday. Actually feels like ages since I have done a tagged meme.

Planning to do my 100 list today.

Sanni said...

Oh, "Love In An Elevator" - I love this song... and Jake Gyllenhaal *sigh* =)

Thanks for thinking about me, teach. I´ve done one of those 8-things MEMEs a while ago (To MEME or not to MEME) - some of the questions were mentioned as well, but I´ll answer yours, too - it looks like fun and I like to have a look if my mind has changed =)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Netflix definitely can stink if you'd rather read a book. Check out and see if it's up your alley. It's got the same idea (no due dates, no late fees, free shipping, online rental pool), but for something useful: books.