Sunday, June 03, 2007

JFK Terrorist Plot Foiled

We caught them Mr. Bush. They were plotting to blow up Kennedy airport in New York City and we stopped them. Well, not exactly we, I didn't do anything, but the NYPD and the FBI, they stopped them.

These guys, a retiree from JFK itself and two others from Guyana had extensive plans and maps and aerial photographs. They had recruited a Trinidadian Muslim group to carry out the bombings of fuel tanks, terminal buildings and fuel lines. They said it would be bigger than 9/11.

So coordinated effort between the FBI and NYPD brought them down. A few more foiled plots and your scaring us about terrorist plots here will fall on deaf ears.

Mr. Bush we are fighting them here...we don't have to fight them there (in Iraq). We are fighting them here and winning.

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Anonymous said...

You're right. The fight is in the US. If anything, invading Iraq will just make them angrier.