Sunday, April 22, 2007

Iraq Surge Failing

By Andrew North
BBC News, Baghdad

US troops from the 82nd Airborne division on a raid in Baghdad
The US surge involves intelligence-led raids to track down militants
Trying to get into the centre of Baghdad earlier this week offered one view of how far away the Americans and Iraqi authorities are from gaining control here.

We were at the airport. Just before we were due to leave, the entrance car park was hit by a car bomb.

US troops and private security forces who guard the perimeter locked the whole area down for the next four hours. No traffic was allowed in or out.

While we waited with scores of other vehicles, mortars were fired at the airport. Fortunately for us they landed on the other side of the runway, plumes of smoke shooting into the air.

You won't have heard about any of this because at the same time a series of other far more serious attacks was taking place.

One was at the Sadriya market in the city centre, where a massive car bomb killed more than 140 people.

The Sunni extremist surge seems to be having more effect than the American one.



deke said...

I read today that the Bush WH will wait until September 2007 to see if the surge is 'working' and I for one feel so insulted as a citizen. The loss of life on all sides is so wrong, and at this point the occupation is the clear driving force for much (not all) all the bloodshed.

the teach said...

Thanks Deke, for your comment. Glad to hear from you. My nephew, The Marine, might have to go back to Iraq in September - December timeframe if the war is still waging. D_MN!

They are a hard-headed bunch that Bush WH. Our boys are dying every day. Iraq soldiers too.

Here's a link I think you'll like: