Friday, February 16, 2007

Oh! The Snow, The Beautiful Snow

Filling the sky and the earth below,
Over the housetops, over the street,
Over the heads of people you meet.
Dancing, flirting, skimming along,
Beautiful snow! It can do no wrong;
Flying to kiss a fair lady's cheek,
Clinging to lips in frolicksome freak;
Beautiful snow from heaven above,
Pure as an angel, gentle as love!

Frolicksome freak?

Are you kidding? In Queens, NY, the snow is hard, ice-hard, and can't be shoveled any more. It has to be chopped, yup, chopped. And why am I chopping snow 2 days after the snowfall? Well, because the snow plows came down the street again last night and with its shovel angled toward my side of the street, I couldn't get my car out this morning.

Thank god I had a steel shovel...plastic shovels stink!

But I need to say that when I got my car stuck yesterday (never thought it would happen - I have front-wheel drive) 3, count 'em, 3 guys stopped to help me after acquiring shovels to dig me out. Nice guys! I offered to treat them to coffee and___ at the 7 Eleven across the street but they said no and had to get to work.

Thanks guys!

theteach :)

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Alcuin Bramerton said...

Snow and ice remind us of the clarity of being; the cold sparkle of whiteness; the crystalline energy of the star at the heart of our being.