Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dolphins Fight Terrorism

K-Dog, a bottle nose dolphin, trains with a tracking device attached to his pectoral fin.

Dozens of dolphins and sea lions [are being] trained to detect and apprehend waterborne attackers could be sent to patrol a military base in Washington state, the Navy said Monday.

Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor, on the Puget Sound close to Seattle is home to submarines, ships and laboratories and is potentially vulnerable to attack by terrorist swimmers and scuba divers, the notice states.

"These animals have the capabilities for what needs to be done for this particular mission," said Tom LaPuzza, a spokesman for the Marine Mammal Program.

LaPuzza said that because of their astonishing sonar abilities, dolphins are excellent at patrolling for swimmers and divers. When a Navy dolphin detects a person in the water, it drops a beacon. This tells a human interception team where to find the suspicious swimmer.

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