Friday, February 02, 2007

Bush to Dump Cheney?

Al Eisele is speculating if George W. Bush is going to dump Vice President Dick Cheney. Here's what he says:
But now, with Cheney preparing for another trip to Japan later this month, I'm predicting that he will soon be replaced by Bush.

Why do I go againstthe sage advice I once received from Theodore H. White, author of the "Making of the President" series of presidential campaign chronicles, who counseled me to always report what is happening and never try to predict what will happen?"

Because I'm convinced that Cheney has become such a liability that Bush would be crazy not to replace him. There's the Scooter Libby trial, which is close to metastacizing into a cancer that could send one of Cheney's closest advisers to jail, but also implicate Bush's so-called "brain," Karl Rove. And there's Cheney's Agnew-like behavior in dismissing critics of Bush's Iraq war strategy as "hogwash" and insisting that things are going so well in Iraq that we're on the verge of victory.

Have a laugh watching the YouTube video: Dick Cheney: "That's Funny!"

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