Thursday, February 01, 2007

Berlusconi his wife. As well he should!

From ABC News:

Silvio Berlusconi, former Italian prime minister, today publicly begged forgiveness from his wife for flirting with other women.

Veronica Lario, the usually private wife of the former prime minister, chose to make her anger over his flirtations public in an open letter in a daily newspaper.

"Dear Veronica, here's my apology," Berlusconi said in his letter, made public by the conservative leader's Forza Italia party. "Forgive me, I beg you. And take this public show of my private pride giving in to your fury as an act of love. One of many."

Lario had voiced her complaints Wednesday in La Repubblica, saying her dignity had been offended by her husband's behavior. Adding insult to injury, Lario chose a left-leaning newspaper that is a fierce Berlusconi critic.

I understand from NPR that Berlusconi flirted with four, count 'em, four women and he said something to the effect that, if he weren't married, he would marry one of them immediately.

According to the ABC New article "Berlusconi is not new to making remarks that some women find inappropriate. In 2005, when he was premier, he joked that he had to use "all my playboy skills" to convince Finnish President Tarja Halonen, a woman, that the European Union food agency should be assigned to Italy, not Finland."

The Telegraph in the UK is reporting that Lario is going to spend sometime in a convent meditating and thinking about her husband's apology. I can't believe that...

In addition La Repubblica is reporting that 55 % of the Italian people do not approve of what Veronica Lario did...publicly humiliating her husband. I can't believe that either...

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P. S.

Berlusconi is also on trial for fraud.

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