Monday, January 22, 2007

Chris Cuomo in Iraq

Chris Cuomo is in Iraq reporting for ABCNews on Good Morning America. This morning he was with a contingent of soldiers going house to house in Baghdad on the report of a sniper in the area. The residents came out when they saw the soldiers in the area and said that fighting between Suinnis and Shiites was continuing in the area. They asked the soldiers for help and told the soldiers what they knew about the sniper.

Cuomo also reported on an injured Iraqi boy who almost lost his foot after being hit by a stray coalition bullet. Cuomo visited Ali Sadoon in an American combat hospital where he is healing very well. Read the full story here.

Cuomo will be reporting from Iraq all week. The story will be about the soldiers, the people, the danger they live with day-to-day. I appreciate that.


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