Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Chris Cuomo in Iraq, continued

Today on Good Morning America at around 7:15 EST (He comes on very early) Chris Cuomo reported that he and his cameraman were in a armored vehicle on another mission when an IED blew on the side of the road. It got dicey for a few minutes but again Cuomo praised the quick, efficient work of the soldiers in their response especially that of their Captain. The armored car got hit with a large piece of shrapnel that lodged in the window of the vehicle.

According to my nephew who's a Marine and has spent 6 months in Iraq blowing up IEDs, our fighting soldiers need this kind of positive coverage (positive in that the work of the men is praised) and Cuomo on ABC is doing a mighty job.

You can ask Cuomo questions about what's happening in Iraq on the Good Morning America web site.

While I am completely against the war in Iraq I have to praise ABC and Chris Cuomo for their coverage of the soldiers who go into harm's way every day. He praises them and their efficiency, bravery, and calm in the face of the enemy.


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