Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kerry Misspeaks

I've spent some time in these pages and others, criticizing people in power (politicians and a Pope) for suggesting that they "misspoke" or that their listeners "misinterpreted what they said."

I've suggested that the Pope spoke in an inflammatory way when he said publicly that the Muslim faith was a violent faith. I also said that a U.S. State Department official (whose probably been fired by now) didn't "misspeak" as he claimed when he said negative things about the U.S. roll in the Iraq War. I've been critical when Bush can't simply say "I'm sorry." I got that wrong."

Well, can I let Kerry off the hook? In all good conscious, No I Can't. Monday Sen. Kerry "warned a group of students that if they neglected their education they might 'get stuck in Iraq"'. (BBC News)

Mr. Kerry said today that "he was sorry for a 'botched joke' aimed at Mr Bush not US troops, and accused the administration of twisting his words."

Now I do believe that he meant his joke for Bush: "Bush's lack of education made him get us into Iraq" or something to that effect. BUT HE FLUBBED IT: A seasoned, long-term politician who ran for the Presidency in 2004, flubbed it...NO EXCUSE, NO EXCUSE AT ALL.

And when asked if he was sorry for what he said (it was taken as a swipe at our troops), he said, "Of course I'm sorry about a botched joke - you think I love botched jokes?"

Oh no, Mr. Kerry, you don't get away with that one...go hang your head in shame. :( the teach

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