Saturday, September 11, 2010

This is a shot of the last day at the Pool Club. We had a wonderful time at the club this summer which I think you can tell - I've posted so many pool photos.

I took this shot from the roof of the Cafe out toward Little Neck Bay. The view is one of the selling points of the Club.

I know we have a few more posts to go for Summer Stock Sunday but I want to thank Robin for hosting this meme. You can find her and other participants here.


Anonymous said...

I can see why it's a selling point. Beautiful :)

Mimi said...

Mary, your pool club looks like a really fun and beautiful place to hang out during summer.
I'm jealous.

Robin said...

What a view, gorgeous! We've still got another month or so before ours closes but by the last few weeks it's nearly deserted. It seems like even though it's still baking hot out once school starts and people get busy with that and after school activities the pool just slips off their radar even on the weekends.

Thanks so much for playing along this summer Mary, it was great seeing your happy summer shots each week.

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Gattina said...

At least it still looks like summer ! Here it smells already like autumn !

Lui, heaven said...

But we have summer all year round with bits of rain and occasional storms. Our version of your Pool Club is the former Westin Philippine Plaza hotel overlooking the Manila Bay!