Thursday, September 09, 2010

Ten Reasons NOT to Burn a Koran

Here's a letter I received in e-mail today:

Dear Mary,

Get your free bookmark opposing "Burn a Koran Day"—and spread the word!.

Americans Don't Burn Books Bookmark

Show that you don't support bigotry and hate!

President Obama. General Petraeus. The Pope.

World leaders are speaking out against the "Burn a Koran" event scheduled for September 11th. It's hateful and dangerous.

Despite the outcry, Terry Jones and the Dove World Outreach Center are moving forward with their event. In fact, they posted five MORE reasons to burn a Koran on their blog just yesterday.

Human Rights First pushed back: We decided to build our own list—using responses from over 5,000 supporters like you!—of "10 Reasons NOT to burn a Koran." We posted the final list yesterday on our blog, Huffington Post, FireDogLake, and other media outlets. Thanks to those of you who contributed!

Here's the Top 10 list:

Ten Reasons NOT to Burn a Koran

1. Book burning! Do I really need to say why?
2. By not burning a Koran I'm not burning a bridge to communication.
3. Burning the Koran because of extremist Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorists makes no more sense than burning the Bible because of the Ku Klux Klan or Nazis.
4. Hatred breeds more hatred and that is not going to solve any of our problems.
5. That type of hate-filled religious intolerance has no place anywhere in the world, and is especially abhorrent in a country where religious freedom is one of the pillars of its foundation.
6. It's a sacred book to millions of people. We should respect all people's beliefs.
7. It will only inflame. I'd like people to understand each other.
8. I may not believe in the words of the Koran but I would never burn one out of respect for my fellow humans who do.
9. Support our troops!
10. We must learn to coexist. We cannot continue to live in fear and suspicion.

Show the fearmongers and the world that Americans don't stand for bigotry by ordering your free "Americans Don't Burn Books" bookmark right now. (You pay shipping and handling.)

Sharon Kelly McBride
Communications Director

P.S. Want to support our work? Click here to make a donation. Every gift is tax deductible and supports our programs to stand up for religious tolerance and basic human dignity.

Human Rights First, 333 Seventh Avenue, 13th Floor, New York, NY 10001-5004

I hope you don't mind but I won't be posting for Yard Art on Thursdays because of this letter and announcement. See you next week!


Fla. minister cancels burning of Qurans on 9/11
GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) - The leader of a small Florida church that espouses anti-Islam philosophy says he is canceling plans to burn copies of the Quran on Sept. 11. Pastor Terry Jones said Thursday that he decided to cancel his protest because the leader of a planned Islamic Center near ground zero has agreed to move its controversial location. The agreement couldn't be immediately confirmed (5:15 PM)

9 comments: said...

Thanks for this great post Mary.
I was so glad to hear the book burning will NOT take place. I think this shows how most Americans feel and makes me proud to be an American.

& I like your banner shot too.
This is one of my favorite Long Island lighthouses!

Jan said...

I've been following this, too. He's one of the biggest jerks I've heard of.

Anonymous said...

Touche' Mary. I just heard on CNN that fool isn't going to do that. :)

Mimi said...

Fabulous post, Mary.
For me, it comes down to one word- respect.
I'm so pleased that he's cancelled the burning. just shows what public opinion can do.

Eyad said...


Travis Cody said...

I don't think burning books is ever the right response.

Gattina said...

Very nicely written ! Bravo !
this pastor should be locked away !
The Koran is like the Bible or the Torah, there is no difference besides Jesus Christ. This guy is not better than a Taliban ! a christian one !!

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Totally unAmerican what he is doing. ANd the fact he is getting so much face time disgusts me

Othersideblue said...

Thank you Mary for this great post .. I fully appreciate your open minded views