Sunday, January 24, 2010

Take This Tune

Okay Jamie see if you can follow my reasoning. I couldn't find any witty lost love songs like the ones you posted with Bob Hope. Soooooo, here's what I did.

I found a video that shows Kate and Jack from the "Lost" TV show getting together and breaking up to a song by New Kids on the Block called "Funny Feeling." Eh? eh? Whaddya say? Does it work? Lost, love, funny (witty) feeling, huh? huh?

Lyrics: Funny Feeling, New Kids on the Block

All I asked for was your hand, love
was in demand, how was I to understand?
Then you told me how you feel, it was so
unreal, guess, it's time for
me to reveal the way I feel.

Gotta funny feeling that you don't even,
even love me (Don't love me)
Gotta funny feeling that you don't even, even care.

We assured each other at the start, forever in our hearts,
you and I would never part.
Then you...
Gotta funny ....
Gotta funny ... [repeat ad lib & fade]


Durward Discussion said...

Very good and a nice twist on the idea.

Lola said...

So witty! Wonderful!

And thank you for yr lovely comments at my place!


Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

interesting take on this meme

ummm my word verification is "dongs"

ummm I am blushing!

Travis Cody said...