Sunday, January 10, 2010

Take This Tune

Jamie's post this week at Take This Tune is a silly one; "I'm My Own Grandpaw" sung by Ray Stevens. She's feeling wacky, as she says, after all that seriousness last week and before...

Well, for silliness, howz this one written by Roger Miller in the 60s called "My Uncle Used to Love Me but She Died:"


My uncle used to love me but she died.
A chicken ain't chicken unless it's lickin' good n' fried.
Keep on the sunny side.
my uncle used to love me but she died.

Who'll bid me a quarter, 30 cents for a ring of keys
$3.65 for a dollar bill of groceries.
I'll have my own car someday but now I need a ride.
My uncle used to love me but she died.


Hamburger, cup of coffee, lettuce and tomato
Two times a dime to see a man kiss the alligator.
One more time free 'round the ferris wheel ride.
My uncle used to love me but she died.


Apples are for eatin' and snakes are for hissin'
I've heard about all the huggin' and a kissin'
I read about free in a 50 cent illustrated guide.
My uncle used to love me but she died.


Auntie E said...

Very interesting song. Never heard it before. I posted the coffee song on my At home site. have a nice weekend.

odds and ends said...

This one's interesting. Let me think of something too =)

Durward Discussion said...

Very good. I was fortunate to see Roger Miller in a fairly small club in San Jose. For all the humor, his musicians were excellent and it was a wonderful evening. Definitely, someone we lost too soon.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful I love it :) Thanks for sharing. Oh and Mary to vote in the poll you have to sign into my friends list to do it. I didn't know that until someone figured it out :)

Marilyn said...

That was fun. I just stopped by to say hi... but it turns out my dictionary is red, so if I don't get busy and forget I'll stop back by on Tuesday.

carol g said...

Great silly song. I have forgotten so many of these silly tunes that made me laugh (and wonder) while I was attempting to grow up.

viridian said...

Happy take this tune day!