Sunday, September 27, 2009

Take This Tune

Jamie mentioned Donald O'Connor in her post for Take This Tune. I remember I always loved him and thought he was undervalued as a dancer. Here he is doing an incredible routine called "Make 'Em Laugh."

And Donald O'Connor dancing reminds me of Gene Kelly whom O'Connor used to dance with all the time. Take a look at the two of them doing a dance medley back in the 60s on the Gene Kelly TV show.

What is amazing is that the audience recognizes the dance steps when one or the other of them begins to dance and they applaud!


Durward Discussion said...

This was a great reminder of an era that was just starting to end when there was a new musical almost every week at the movies. The Make 'em Laugh number was done by Kelly and Garland in the movie "The Pirate" under the title of "Be A Clown". In 1958 Kelly did an Omnibus special, "Dancing Is A Man's Game" showing the relationship between sports and dance. It was in B & W and I don't know if a kinescoope still exists as nothing was on You Tube.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I loved all those old movies. Thanks for the post card it was really nice.

Rinkly Rimes said...

My husband was thrilled to see these videos. We're both admirers of Donald O'Connor and, like you, we don't think he received the acclaim he deserved,

I've taken the liberty of attempting a parody.

Unknown said...

I love the "Make 'em laugh" scene from "Singin' in the Rain." One of the funniest dance scenes on film!

Travis Cody said...

Two of the best!