Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

(with some commentary from someone who knows)


These nuns have learned "The Wave" and practice it after Evening Prayers.



Sister Rosemary trains for beating up the MISBEHAVING boys.


When I was in high school we students would sneak out to have a smoke (we weren't allowed to smoke in uniform). These nuns hid us from view and had a couple of smokes on their own.


These nuns are practicing a choral presentation of "I Kissed a Girl."


This is the most beautiful nun I have ever seen.


These are Buddhist nuns


This was a special team-teaching effort when I was in Senior Year of high school for teaching young ladies how to apply make-up and dress for success.


These nuns escorted us to the bathroom when we needed to go during the school day.


Sister Painful Wounds found the convent was not all it was cracked up to be.


Sister SweetonU had a penchant for measuring things.


Sister SonnyJim taught Physical Education to the Sophomores.


Small misdemeanors such as stealing an extra chop at dinner was punished quickly and without hesitation.

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San said...

A devilishly brilliant Thirteen. Thank you for that. If I had to pick a favorite, and I know, nobody said I have to, I'd pick the gun-toting bathroom escorts.

Desert Songbird said...

I've known some, uh...."colorful" nuns in my day. *grin*

CK Ng said...

Some of them are just too hilarous. LOL! Have a wonderful WW! :)

SandyCarlson said...

What a great variety of images, Mary! Lots of fun here. Thanks.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Oh, those are fun! I'm not thirteening this week; just had too much other stuff to do.

Anonymous said...

OMG, the Nun movie cover creeped me out. I've never seen this one.

I loved the bride's maid dress one. :) *LOL*

Happy TT!

Napaboaniya.Elaine Ling said...

*singing* I will follow him....follow him where ever he may la la la la la

Suddenly I've got the urge to re-watch Sister's Act :P

Gattina said...

Hahaha ! very nice ! reminds me of the nun I had seen at the station, she had a beer can besides her bag on the bank, at 9.30 in the morning ! I even took a picture for WW !

Hootin Anni said...

#s 11, 6 and 4. I went to Catholic School in my early years...especially number 11. I so can see Sister A with the ruler.

Have a terrific Thursday Mary.

Tink said...

What an oroginal idea for a TT! I really enjoyed it. :)
Thanks for visiting my Entrecard TT!

ya ya's mom said...

omg I love your nuns!!! just awesome!!!

Melli said...

Oh BOY do these bring back memories! ROFLMBO!!! You GO girl! My 13 X's are up!

~Just Me Miranda~ said...

Lol...thats funny. Great idea!

Happy TT!!

Ivanhoe said...

Thanks for the chuckle, teach and have a wonderful weekend!

Maddy said...

What? No 'Nuns on the Run!' Quite fiendish.

storyteller said...

LOL ... I’m not playing today, but I couldn’t resist stopping to say ‘hello’ when I saw your post in the OSI feed just now. Great T-13 ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Denise Patrick said...

Very, very funny. I loved the "bridesmaid gowns" cartoon. Made me laugh out loud - and I'm at work!

Happy TT!

Yasmin said...

Happy TT and hilarious...I will never look at a nun the same again...hehe.

Unknown said...

Love your new award, happy Feet, how great...maybe I shall be that way again for you.
You know your TT scares me, because I have a fear of NUNS.
I have a TT at The Cafe & Mama Bear Reads.

Travis Cody said...

HA! I have absolutely no experience with nuns.

Joyce said...

I take it your experiences with nuns were pretty harrowing? This is payback time. :)

Geraldine said...

LOL....good one Mary. I went to an all-girls convent school and the nuns I had there as teachers were just the best. No knuckles slapped with a ruler or floors to wash with a toothbrush as the media often likes to portray. I loved this post, great job!

EG CameraGirl said...

These are wonderful. I almost missed them but luckily I came back. ;-)