Saturday, July 26, 2008

Is Google Making Us Stupid?

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What's the Internet doing to our brains?

For those of you interested in the full article about what's happening to us and our ability to read in detail instead of just skimming go to the



SandyCarlson said...

I have this experience too, Mary. I must say, though, I can read long works away from the computer but not in front of it.

TMI Disorder?

Ian said...

Ugh. Crazy long article. I had to stop in the middle and play Sudoku. Then I went and read up a little about Alan Turing on Wikipedia, which led me to cryptography, which reminded me of Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon, which reminded me about his seminal book Snow Crash and I wondered if anyone was making a movie so I Googled it. Then I watched a couple trailers and hung around on Facebook.

Then I finished the article. ;)

Anonymous said...

I started to read this, but it was so long. Can you just tell me what it says? ;)

When I went to college (and in AP english) I learned to write long, detailed sentences. Now, I've had to learn to write short, concise, elementary school sentences. That's how the world has changed for me.

Thanks for sharing this.

Travis Cody said...

Thanks for sharing that article. I think it's part of many things that we have to guard against as we spend more and more time on the internet.

And I think it's important that we learn and apply proper research techniques when we use information from the internet, such as three corroborating sources, etc.

I've always been a reader and I don't expect that to change. I still look at reading books as something completely different than reading online. My approach to each type of reading is still different.