Friday, November 16, 2007

John Edwards warns congress about health care...

John Edwards' ad in Iowa

Good for you John!! I'm liking you more and more.

Correction from
John Edwards' new ad says that when he's in the Oval Office, he'll tell Congress to act within six months to make sure all Americans have health insurance or "I'm going to use my power as president to take your health care away from you."

First he's going to have to throw out the Constitution, though. No president has the power
to strip lawmakers and Cabinet members of their health coverage. Health insurance is a benefit granted to federal employees (including members of Congress) by law, not by executive fiat, as we've said before.



Anonymous said...

While Edward's words, ideas and even threats are admirable, he is simply slinging a steaming pile of BS.


Because the President does not have any powers to take anything from Congress. Period.

I would have fallen for this message had I not found this first:


Anonymous said...

I like him a lot----I am sorry to say I don't think he'll get the nomination, but he's my boy. I'm going to "borrow" your YouTube with a link back.