Saturday, October 09, 2010

Round Robin Photo Challenges

Today's theme for our Round Robin Photo Challenge is "For a Song."

Karen says: Pick a song you like, and give us your photographic interpretation of all or part of that song's lyrics. You can either include the relevant section of the lyrics or, for a really well-known song, ask people to guess what you're illustrating.

The song you illustrate with your photo(s) can be old or new, world-famous or obscure. It's totally up to you what song you choose and how you interpret it.  Just keep in mind all the usual guidelines:

1. DO RSVP in the comments below with your name or handle, blog name and blog URL, thus:

Love to take a photograph!

2. DO NOT post before the Challenge date. If you need to set it up beforehand, most blogging platforms will let you schedule an entry to post on a certain date and time.

3. DO mention the Round Robin and link back to this blog. (If there's no link or mention, how is that a Round Robin entry?) Including a linking list to the other entries is encouraged but not mandatory. Also, it's helpful to stop by here and leave another comment with your specific link once your entry is posted.

So can you guess what song* I'm illustrating in the slideshow above?
Linking List
as of 2:30 AM MST/PDT,
Saturday, October 9th, 2010

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*The song is "Dancing With Myself" by Billy Idol


Anonymous said...

That is just perfect. Sorry about your trip my friend. Your thoughts will be there and they will know that. Get better real soon.

Linda said...

Love the little slide show!!

ellen b said...

I'm glad you gave us the answer cuz as usual I was clueless. Great job Mary!!

♥ Kathy said...

That was so much fun Mary!! I just loved it!

Gattina said...

I would never have found out, because I don't know this song, lol !

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Very cool! My guesses were WAY off, and I'm really glad it was the Billy Idol song and not the ones I thought of. The slideshow was fun! I also liked the Glee video. I should probably watch that show....

Jan said...

Great job, Mary.

Scrabblequeen said...

Very interesting...I didn't guess it before the video...silly me.

Erin said...

I had no idea what song you had chosen, but then when I saw it I felt like an idiot for not guessing it!!!