Friday, September 10, 2010

In honor of 9/11

Today I think it's important to remind ourselves that we live in a country that guarantees freedom of religion and that our forefathers came here principally to exercise that freedom along with many others.

I wanted to post the Declaration of Independence on parchment paper which I bought back in the 60s but I couldn't figure out a way to fit it on my scanner. But I could fit Lincoln's Gettysburg Address so I posted it. It is part of 4 documents of freedom and is considered an authenticated reproduction and printed on antiqued parchment.

While I feel for all the families who lost members on 9/11 (my husband was there on that day and was lucky to get out alive), I think it's necessary to remind everyone about religious tolerance.

As the President said, if they were going to build a Christian church near Ground Zero or a synagogue, would you say No to it?

Lincoln believed that ALL the people of the United States are entitled to ALL the freedoms stated in the Declaration of Independence.


Othersideblue said...

fully agreed !

I'm glad to hear your husband survived the disastrous event.

Cass @ That Old House said...

Yes, I agree that the group has a right to build their mosque and cultural center there; that freedom is part of the bedrock of our country. What is disappointing to me is the initial and continued insensitivity to the feelings of the survivor families.

I have to say, when I first heard of this proposed building project, my reaction was, "What were they thinking? Didn't anyone among the decision makers say to his or her colleagues, 'Hey, guys, this might not be the smartest thing for us to do?'"

The stated intent of this cultural center is to promote good will and understanding among cultures and religions, and I think that they would accomplish more by pulling back from their plans, and building even just a short distance away.

I would hope that no thinking American believes that mosques should not be built in our country. We should welcome houses of worship. But it is important that understanding go both ways. And in this instance the injured parties should, I believe, get the lion's share of the understanding.

I would never forbid them to go forward with this project. I hope and pray that they have the grace, the good sense, and the sensitivity to change their plans.


Anonymous said...

A wonderful post for that awful day. I'm so glad your husband was not harmed.

Mary our country does guarantee that freedom, so what is the difference with that fool wanting to burn the korans? I don't see a difference in this at all. They both are about religion and I just don't get it myself.

Have a great Saturday :)

Judi said...

Two thoughtful posts, Mary. Thanks.

lynda Howells said...

I fully agree..We have to remember that there were lots of Muslims kill inside the Twins Towers who had NOTHING to do with the terrorists. I totally disagree with Cass....We have to build it there because the wounds need to heal between religions and this is one way to do it. I have many Muslim friends and they are horrified by what happened there, should they be punish just because they are the same religion(?) as the Bombers? If we move the Mosque, l feel we are punishing them all for just a few who did the crime.
My son was meant to be in the restaurant at the top of the towers but slept late and missed his flight from Nassau, in The Bahames, where he was living at the time. We were back in london and it took us 4days before we were able to contact my son! Thanks for putting this up here todayxlynda

maryt/theteach said...

lynda, I have to agree with you. All Muslims are not to blame for 9/11. I think there is a lot of insensitivity to Muslim Americans who were just as horrified as we were when 9/11 happened.

Thom, burning the Quran is something entire different...

Cass we'll have to agree to disagree...

Thanks, Othersideblue for your comments.

Mimi said...

Beautiful documents, Mary.
I agree with your religious tolerance, but at the same time understand how families of those who died would be upset. The important thing to remember is that terrorists don't represent Muslims, or any other religion.
I'm so glad your husband survived.
I would like to also remember also the brave rescue workers, some of whom still suffer from smoke inhalation and who are not being properly compensated.