Friday, June 25, 2010

Haiku My Heart Friday

Rebecca of Recuerda mi Corazon was

"inspired by work of the poet

and her Ruby Tuesdays

the idea of a haiku festival crept into her mind while driving to the studio.

moments later she stopped in at her favorite thrift store

and found three japanese haiku collections from the fifties.

which completely cinched the deal.

(universe talking/i am listening)

if this speaks to you please join us

haiku my heart fridays

poignant simplicity

one photograph

three lines

five, seven, five syllables

every friday. here. beginning june 25

haiku festival

(my heart and mr. linky will be waiting for you)"

So I'm posting for the first time for Rebecca's meme Haiku My Heart Friday

The mask of the clown
deeply dark and menacing...
does death lie beneath?



jabblog said...

You've captured my feelings about masks and clowns. It is a beautiful mask, though.

Delphyne said...

Great picture and interesting question that the haiku poses! Definitely worthy of pondering...

Sarah said...

Clowns definitely invite this question! The mask is beautiful but menacing.

rebecca said...

mary my ruby tuesday inspiration,

it is a leap of faith, casting an open net
hoping to gather beauty.
wanting the effort to lead simply to more….
for all of us.
so lover of words,
care taker of simplicity
thank you for the honor of
your participation and endorsement.

here's to more of us...finding each other.

Spadoman said...

Powerful thought, this one. I'll ponder this for a while. Great stuff!


tami said...

great photo - and the idea of death behind the mask - intriguing!

rebecca said...

dear miss ruby tuesday,

i am thrilled with our very first haiku my heart.
certainly beauty reigned!

here's to nest friday, and more
converts to simplicity!


deb said...

I don't like masks or clowns, so you captured this brilliantly.

Travis Cody said...

I enjoy Haiku!

Just as a bit of a fun fact...I discovered that I was mis-using the Haiku form. Or perhaps, mis-applying the term Haiku to some of my 5-7-5 bits. What I was writing and calling Haiku were actually more along the lines of Senryu.

I like yours...I think you capture why some might think clowns are creepy.

Stephanie said...

Happy for the visit here!