Friday, April 02, 2010

Take This Tune

Jamie asked us to post this week about obsessive fans, or groupies, who follow singers or movie stars around and worship them from afar.

The first thing that ocurred to me is the story of the stalker of a radio DJ who keeps asking him to "Play Misty For Me." That's the name of the movie starring Clint Eastwood as the DJ.

When I was young I loved that movie and loved the song "Misty" which was made popular by my all time favorite, (I still to this day know the words to every song he's ever sung) Johnny Mathis.

Here's the trailer for the movie and then "Johnny" singing the song: 

Lyrics To "Misty"

Look at me
I'm as helpless as a kitten up a tree
And I feel like I'm clinging to a cloud
I can't understand
I get misty just holding your hand

Walk my way
And a thousand violins begin to play
Or it might be the sound of your hello
That music I hear
I get misty the moment you're near

You can say that you're leading me on
But it's just what I want you to do
Don't you notice how hopelessly I'm lost
That's why I'm following you

On my own
Would I wander through this wonderland alone
Never knowing my right foot from my left
My hat from my glove
I'm too misty, and too much in love.
Look at me...


Coffeeveggie addict. said...

a very nice lyrics...happy easter to you...

Durward Discussion said...

Wow! That was one of my favorite movies. Nothing quite as good until Glenn Close boiled a rabbit.

♥ Kathy said...

I loved that movie! My brother was a Dead Head for about 10 years and followed the Grateful Dead all over the U.S. I thought he was crazy LOL

concretenprimroses said...

Dead Heads came to mind for me too. At least that was a fairly harmless obsession, unlike stalking a "real" person.
I thin that's what part of what extreme fanism is about, a safe way to be obsessed.

Linda said...

Great choice for this, Mary! I'm still trying to come up with something as nothing jumped to mind I'm afraid. You would think having a teenager at home that this would be easy but no!

Have a very happy Easter, Mary!

Travis Cody said...

I hadn't thought of that movie in awhile. Excellent choice!