Sunday, November 01, 2009

Take This Tune - Barry Manilow

Okay, so here I am posting for Jamie's Take This Tune meme. This week she gave us Barry Manilow singing "October Goes." I real sad, poignant tune that I've never heard before. I loved it and cried through the entire song.

But when I think of Barry Manilow I think of "The Copacabana," a jazzy song that I love to sing to. When I went to YouTube I found a karaoke video - you know, just the words to the entire song and sung by Barry.

So first I sang (and danced) the whole song out loud in my office in front of my computer and then I put it up here for you to play.

Go ahead, sing your brains out:

I wanted also to post Hugh Jackman in the musical "The Boy From Oz" which is based on the life of Peter Allen who wrote "I Go To Rio" another up-beat dance number like "Copacabana." Actually I thought "Copacabana" was the song that Jackman did in the musical but it's not. Jackman does "I Go to Rio." So here's Hugh Jackman doing "I Go to Rio" from the musical (Are you confused yet?):

Do you see how one thing leads to another? And that's just what Jamie wants to happen when you play her "Take This Tune" meme. You are to take the song she posts and run with it.

Well, I've run with it and now listen to a one minute rendition of Peter Allen singing "I Go to Rio." After all, he wrote it and inspired it and "The Boy From Oz" musical. He was a very talented man! I miss him. He died from AIDS too young!


Jamie said...

That is a great chain of musical consciousness. I saw Peter Allen do "I Go To Rio" live in Los Angeles in his "Up In One" show tour. The number must have gone on for 20 minutes with all the shaking and audience sing along, maracas and sleeve ruffles. Yes I miss him too. Jackman deserved the Tony he won for playing Peter, he did a marvelous job. My favorite song from the show is the sad, live affirming, and beautiful Once Before I Go Who knew Wolverine could sing? :-)

Putz said...

wouldn't i guess you would use a new yorker for a blog tribute....barry b, i would like to go to the coca ca banana some you know how much i loave to miss spell, mary/t????????is there some kind of flaw in me, some moral disgenerate gene that makes me want to miss spell words?????or make kanew ones up???

Bond said...

This is an interesting meme....I need to look into it further

boliyou said...

Thank you for giving Barry the recognition he deserves. I have a fondness for him.

~Just me again~ said...

I admit I'm a fannilow ;). I saw him in Vegas. He puts on an amazing show!

Travis said...

It's so funny to see Hugh Jackman do that, after seeing him portray tough guy Wolverine. LOL!