Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Think Green Thursday

Go over to Rambling Woods to see her post for Think Green Thursday. She's doing a swell job hosting this meme! :)

100 % cotton clothes are so eco-friendly. Here are two beanie you can wear this winter...

A soft cotton striped beanie... Simple, stylish, warm and organic! Fabric: 100% Organic Combed Cotton yarns; flat knit. Organic cotton beanies by econscious.

  • Made from 100% Organic Cotton
From Green Stuff Connection.


Loree said...

Love the beanies. They are my favourite type of hat too.

Jamie said...

Not that it happens often but safety consideration. Wear 100% cotton when flying. Synthetics melt. Cotton is slow to burn.

Putz said...

cotton, so warm, sort of like comfort food like choclate pudding, every time i come to your blog i think about the two things bothering me the most....the damdable wars {when i see your peace post hitting me right in my face and think about the other option of ahfganistan which is get the hell out} and health care and how reid of nevada gets flack from all the mormons{morons} around here saying how could he be loyal to his faith when he isn't loyal to stickin it to those without health care

bobbie said...

Organic cotton is the way to go! Great suggestion.

Rambling Woods said... do come up with some very clever post for Think(ing) Green and every time I visit I know you will have done something wonderful with your blog theme and photos. Beautiful... Michelle