Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beautiful Postcrossing postcard

I joined
a postcard exchange project that invites everyone to send and receive postcards from random places in the world. For free!

I've received 4 postcards so far and sent 4. I love this one which is a wine amphora from The Wine Museum in Torino.


Patti said...

How cool! I love the idea. I couldn't find a post card of our area (ha! can't imagine why - it has a few nice spots) or I would have sent you one in return.

I could send you one of Yale, but we don't live in the city.

Paz said...

Very nice postcards. I love to receive and send postcards.


Mimi said...

Mary, that's an interesting and wonderful idea, and this postcard is beautiful.
Won't your collection make a lovely album?

Jamie said...

Oh that one is beautiful I just thought of where I want to go to get one for you. May have to wait until next month, but worth the trip.

Check out blog today, The painting might appeal to you.

Annie said...

I did Postcrossing for a couple of years. Have no idea why I stopped. I will think about starting up again.

mama said...

Hi! I am french and i like your blog. I invit you to my postcard SWAP here :
I hope you will be with us!
Have a nice day
Mama from France

Terry said...

dear mary t...i only belong to one meme and that takes good time and i love it and so i will try my best at it and i think you know the best meme of all..
but i would really love to send you a postcard or two..if you can trust me with your address.
i would have sent you a beautiful one from my beloved manitoba but alas i was address-less!!
you know my email, eh? ...just let me know, terry