Friday, September 11, 2009

Where Are They?

Jerome (my nephew not my grand nephew) and Jennifer are on an exotic vacation.  Lot's of traveling by bus and taxi to get where they are. Of course they first had to fly. This is one very famous place that not very many people have been lucky enough to visit.

 Here are a few more questions:
If you do know where they are, can you spell the place name correctly?
What drug would you take if you drank the water or ate fresh fruit and veggies here?
Can you get altitude sickness here?
What is altitude sickness?
Did I use photo-editing on either of the photos?
Do you think you should win something if you get all the answers right?


Jamie said...

Machu Picchu, pass the cocaine to relieve the altitude sickness because I get dizzy looking at those very real photographs and I might upchuck due to being in the Andes and lack of oxygen. Don't need to win anything as the quiz was fun. :-)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I don't have any idea but I bring Pepto Bismal and Immodium wherever I go. lol

Dimple said...

Machu Picchu in Peru. Altitude very high in the Andes. No idea about the drug, but coca leaves came to mind. Didn't answer all questions, so no prize is expected! Wonderful pictures, I hope they are having the time of their lives!

Photo Cache said...

This place is on the top 5 of my want-to-see places list.

Enjoy the weekend, teach!

magiceye said...

Machu Picchu it is!
a dream destination for me!

Carolyn Ford said...

Definitely the place I want to visit! Machu Picchu it the Peruvian Andes...I don't know if I could make the entire climb but, I would sure like to try and take an elevator the rest of the way! LOL

SandyCarlson said...

Location, location, location. Back then, they understood the value....

DrillerAA09 said...

Absolutely exquisite place. As an architect, I would LOVE to visit this site and get some photo opportunities.

Jane said...

Great photograph of a beautiful place, looks like some Mayan ruins there too.

Anonymous said...