Monday, September 21, 2009

Take This Tune - More September

Join me in posting for Jamie's Take This Tune for Monday.

Jamie, I found this song written by Carole King. It's called "It Might As Well Rain Until September." 

It's an upbeat tune with a lyric that usually makes me cry. Which it did. But it's a great song that I could play over and over again.

It Might As Well Rain Until September Lyrics
Artist(Band):Carole King

Written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King.
- This 1962 hit was actually the demo recording by Carole King,
intended as a song for Bobby Vee.
- The recording was so casual that to this day the master of
it does not exist, and any CD versions of it have poor quality.
- Carole King then went close to 9 years before her next hit,
although all those residuals from all those great early
60s songs she wrote kept her out of the poor house.

What shall I write?
What can I say?
How can I tell you how much I miss you?

The weather here has been as nice as it can be
Although it doesn't really matter much to me
For all the fun I'll have while you're so far away
It might as well rain until September

I don't need sunny skies for thing I have to do
'Cause I stay home the whole day long and think of you
As far as I'm concerned each day's a rainy day
So It might as well rain until September

My friends look forward to their picnics on the beach
Yes everybody loves the summertime
But you know darling while your arms are out of reach
The summer isn't any friend of mine

It doesn't matter whether skies are grey or blue
It's raining in my heart 'cause I can't be with you
I'm only living for the day you're home to stay
So It might as well rain until September
September, September, oh
It might as well rain until September

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Jamie said...

Well that certainly fits with my theory that September has its own resident muse. A great contribution to Take This Tune.

Anonymous said...

Carole King is just the bomb. Love the song :) Have a great week :)

Travis said...

Ahhh...this must go back to the days of the Brill Building, churning out great pop songs. I'd never heard that one.

Thanks! It made me smile!

SouthLakesMom said...

I'd never heard this either! I'm not sure whether I like the unedited recording or the video of the record player with needle better! Ahh...memories... I think this is in the vein of "See You in September." I had friends whose parents took them away all summer. Those parents were so MEAN! Now...I'm a parent. Shoe on other foot!

Jamie said...

South Lakes Mom just reminded us of another "September Song". It could well be its own genre. :-) said...

I fully match with whatever thing you've presented.