Sunday, September 06, 2009

Summer Stock Sunday

Robin is the host of Summer Stock Sunday. I'm a little late today. I apologize to all the participants in Robin's meme.

We visited this extraordinary doll house at the Tee Ritter Minatures Museum yesterday. You can look in all the windows and see rooms in perfect miniature. There was also a showing of a series contemporary drawings of Alice in Wonderland in pen and ink by Max Hergenrother.

The Mad Hatter


Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm the newbie/late-bie to Summer Stock Sunday. What beautiful photos. I love the way the minds work, of people who do miniatures. I have several books of miniature work: when it's done really well, you can't tell by looking at a photo that it's not a full-size room. (BTW: Elizabeth Goudge would love this, I think. And Tasha Tudor.)

Julia Smith said...

I still have the dollhouse my grandfather made for me, and I spent many happy hours playing with it. I've never grown out of my fascination for dollhouses and miniatures. That is an amazing feat - thanks for sharing it.

Leora said...

Dollhouses and the mad hatter... great stuff, Mary! The stuff of childhood and beyond.

Anonymous said...

Excellent my friend. There's a couple of awards for ya on my site. Have a good one :)

Joyce said...

I love to see miniatures as they are so delicate and totally amaze me that people can work with such small scale. Thanks for sharing.

Robin said...

What an amazing dollhouse! I've always loved dollhouses - playing with them, looking at them... When I was growing up the local Historical Society used to put on quite a large exhibition each winter, I'd attend every year with my mother and sister. Ahh, memories.

Anonymous said...