Friday, August 14, 2009

Reality Check, Obama's health care web site

President Obama Fights Health Care Reform Smears Using Web Site

Reality Check

President Obama is perhaps the most technologically-savvy presidents the US has ever had. He enjoys listening to music on his Ipod, uses his Blackberry to keep in contact at all times, and has launched a web site “Reality Check” designed to counter what he considers blatant misinformation regarding the health care reform debate.

During his campaign, the President used this same tactic to defeat his opponents by debunking some of the negative campaign information that was circulating at the time. It appears to be a winning tactic, as Obama handily won the election. But will this tactic work for health care reform?

The debate has been fierce, with those opposed to Obama’s health reform campaign making claims that Obama’s plan will mean health care rationing, euthanasia for seniors whose health care bills are expensive and an end to Medicare, among others. The web site showcases several of Obama’s administration members debunking the myths surrounding Obama’s reform plan.

Some of the featured segments on the website include commentaries from administration heavyweights such as Robert Kocher of the National Economic Council, Linda Douglass of the White House Office of Health Reform, Melody Barnes, the President's Director of the Domestic Policy Council, and Matt Flavin, Director of Veterans and Wounded Warrior Policy.

It remains to be seen whether or not the web site will be an effective tool for winning the hearts and minds of those vehemently opposed to Obama’s health care reform plan.

Citing 'baseless smears,' White House launches Reality Check Web site
by Jennifer Tremblay
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Saying misinformation is being spread over health care reform, in a mass e-mail to news editors and subscribers, the White House has itemized aspects of the program and responded to what it calls “baseless smears.”

The White House has also launched a Web site to counter critics. In an update on behalf of the White House Media Affairs Office, citizens can log on to the “Reality Check” portion of the site that gives viewers official government updates and information about health care reform as it happens.

The office commented in a Tuesday e-mail update to news editors and subscribers that it is, “a Web site dedicated to debunking the misinformation and baseless smears that are cropping up daily as part of the national debate on health care. The site gives administration officials and experts a place to refute viral misinformation with an aggressive, direct response, and it allows people to take the information into their own hands and share it with friends, family and colleagues through social networks.”

The Web site lists health care statistics and reform considerations that are tailored to each state.



Queen-Size funny bone said...

He knows how to get the word out thats for sure.

Travis said...

He does know how to get the word out. Part of the problem though is that the people who need this information just don't trust it. They have allowed themselves to be worked into such a state of fear that they don't know where the truth is coming from.

It's really a shame, because so many of the people shouting so loudly against the proposed legislation are doing so against their own self interest. They've been scared into believing the worst about any reform.

Susan said...

I'm from Canada but have been watching the reports on TV.

Tonight I watched Obama address a crowd of people both for and against his proposal. I think he did very well and hope he has convinced the nay-sayers that they have been mislead/misinformed by those who oppose him.
I hope he succeeds as health care is so important. I had no idea that some insurance companies were cancelling policies for people with health issues after they had been paying for years. That's frightening. I truly hope that all works out well for my American neighbours.

maryt/theteach said...

Travis, you've got it exactly right! I'm sick to death about all the fear mongering...

Susan, Thanks for commenting. We need more Canadians talking to us down here to still the fears and the dumb ideas put forth by those who favor the insurance companies...

SandyCarlson said...

The man is a genius. I think we're seeing lots of folks unable to keep up with his thinking. It's upsetting so many people are lashing out in unaccountable, irresponsbile, dangerous ways.

Reality Check is a great site. I've used it a lot. Clear, clean, rational. Like our Commander in Chief.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Well, I must say the misinformation about the Canadian health care system has astounded me. I can't believe there are so many Americans who think Canadians would put up with the kind of system the opponents of our kind of system say we have.

Putz said...

in england i saw a doctor with my missionary companion...he had constant colds and couldn't figure the reason....the doctor asked him if he had ever looked at his self in the mirror...the missionary said he wasn't the doc says look at yourself in the mirror and tell me what you see....look at your is crooked...all the virus go straight through missing the silica and there is no defense for the virus bug....get your nose straightened....he did and he stopped having colds....this all for a stranger on socialized medicine for free