Saturday, May 16, 2009

School ties

Schools switching to clip-on ties

Clip-on ties are replacing knotted school ties, as schools worry about health and safety worries, says a survey of school uniform suppliers.

The Schoolwear Association says 10 schools a week in the UK are switching, because of fears of ties getting caught in equipment or strangling pupils.

There are also claims that clip-on ties can stop pupils from customising the size of the knots in their ties.

Uniforms are an "instrument of social levelling," says the association.

The Schoolwear Association, the trade body for the school uniform industry, has been identifying this year's trends.

'Corporate look'

The emergence of clip-on ties is part of a growing sensitivity towards health and safety, says the association, along with modifications such as high-visibility trimming on scarves.

Clip-on ties take away the risk of pupils having accidents with their knotted ties.

Schools have raised concerns about ties catching fire in science lessons, getting trapped in technology equipment or ties getting caught when pupils were running.

Clip-on ties also allow schools to create a more standardised appearance, says the association, stopping pupils from being more creative in how they wear their ties.

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Travis said...

I suppose I'm indifferent on this issue, not having kids of my own that require adding school uniforms or even just basic school clothes to my budget.

But one question does come to mind. Is there evidence that accidents with school ties have happened in such numbers that this switch is justified based solely on that reason?

I would submit that switching to clip on ties is simply easier on the kids...they don't have to worry about figuring out how to tie the dang things!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Nothing is dorkier than a clip on tie. lol

Anonymous said...

Pfff...clip on idiotic