Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Monochrome Maniacs

Aileni is the host of Monochrome Maniacs. Here's my offering for his meme:

St. Mary's Cemetery, Queens, N.Y.



Carver said...

There is something very emotional about that to me. Beautiful shot.

Anonymous said...

That photo is striking. Excellent my friend. Aloha :)

magiceye said...


Sanni said...

Beautiful shot. I ♥ it - like I love all your work. You are so talented!

Mary - I'm so sorry I couldn't join RT, Sepia Scenes and the new Window MEME.

We're moving today to our new home, which sadly still doesn't come with internet connection, yet - so it will take a few weeks for me to re-join - I am so looking forward to this time.

Take care, my friend!

Daryl said...