Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fat People Have to Buy Two Seats?!

First it was cigarettes, then it was trans-fats and NOW:

Obese travellers should pay for two seats when travelling on a plane, according to voters in a new survey.

The survey, conducted by travel company, asked whether "excessively overweight" people should be forced to pay for two seats when travelling by plane.

Almost two-thirds of the 2810 respondents (63 per cent) believed obese people should be charged for an additional seat, answering that they did not want to share the seat they had paid for.

Thirty five per cent were more sympathetic, voting that excessively overweight people should not be penalised for their size. global marketing manager Paul Fisher said the issue was one that resonated strongly with travellers, especially as seat space was at such a premium since the advent of low-cost carriers.

"This is a sensitive issue for all involved and forcing obese people to pay for two tickets raises a lot of ethical and legal dilemmas," Mr Fisher said.

"Airlines should be working out a solution to the problem, whether it is discounted second seats or specially-designed chairs for larger people."


Oh I just love this! Overweight people have to buy two seats if they want to fly on an airplane. Two-thirds of the people answering the survey say so. I wonder what the percentage of the people answering the survey were "obese?" I bet a very small percentage!

You know overweight people get a raw deal all the time and now if your body leans over into the seat next to you a little bit the person next to you is going to jump up and yell "Make him/her buy another seat!"

You know people who are too overweight to fit into those effin' skinny airplane seats know who they are, and they stay off planes. They wouldn't try to shove their "fat" bodies into those slim seats and embarrass themselves. What d'ya think - overweight people don't know they are overweight? Huh?

Airplane companies built their airplanes and the seats to fit the greatest number of people in the least amount of space so they can make the most money. You think those seats were built for comfort? Just check out the first-class seats and see what I mean.

You know people you'd better be careful who you want to penalize about something, anything in our society. You may be next!

Do you walk with a limp, better watch out there are people who don't want to walk next to you. Are you short? There are people who don't want to help you reach high shelves in supermarkets. Are you "old?" There are people who would vote that you lay down and let doctors euthanize you.

People where is your humanity?!



Kay said...

Hmmm Mary, most of the time I agree with you.

But this time…..

First off, as someone who has been sat ON multiple times by a larger person, I can understand the frustration of the “non obese”

As I read it, if the passenger is unable to put the seat divider down and/or it takes more than one seat belt extension to be able to buckle up safely, they will be asked to pay more.

Ending up a bit in my seat is one thing… ending up on top of me is another. I spent a miserable 4 hours a few years ago pressed between the window and the man beside me who was so large that he needed assistance getting out of the row… making him the 2nd to last person off the plane and me the last… when I tried to stand up I was unable to because my legs had gone numb from being sat on for the past 4 hours. Early in the flight I had asked if there was another empty seat that I could move to… there wasn’t unless I wanted to pay almost a hundred dollars for an upgrade to first class. Now… I ask you, who should have had to fork over some extra money… me? Or him?

I do think there are issues with the policy… like what constitutes “obese” and how to handle it with tact… I also think that maybe something out to be done for the poor people who are really tall and have to cram themselves into tiny seats as well.

I don’t have the answer but I can at least understand the plight of the fellow passengers.

Just my two cents.

NicoleB said...

To make it short, I like the idea of the "bigger" seats for the people that really have trouble to fit in the skinny seats.
Hell, they are uncomfortable to me.
But having a "big" person sitting next to me on top of it, thanks a lot.
I think airlines should be forced into making a certain percentage of big seats. Period.
One of our good friends is tall AND big. Very. Plus he has back and knee problems.
You probably all know how it feels after a long flight, now make this times ten.
And airlines certainly already charge enough for ONE ticket.

pinklotus said...

I'm with the 35%... The survey is really harsh. Though the people who conducted this don't have any bad intentions, but c'mon. It's another form of weight discrimination. I am not obese but I believe that being obese doesn't make one less human. They're like me, like you, like us! They're humans and they should be treated like one and in a nice way! Overweight people are now facing too much discrimination... so puhliz! This discrimination has to stop! we should all live in harmony no matter what we are like on the outside.

Anonymous said...

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BLOGitse said...

I totally agree with NicoleB!
Bigger seats is the answer...

Akelamalu said...

If the damned airlines made the seats bigger instead of cramming everyone in like sardines there wouldn't be any problem! I'm not obese by the way I just think the airlines cram in as many people as possible to make more money. However I do object to sharing the seat I have paid for. :(

maryt/theteach said...

What kills me is that we always take the easy way to solve problems no matter who we insult or hurt! Yes larger seats IS the answer. I'd even agree with a certain percentage of larger seats or paying a surcharge for larger seats... Thanks everyone for sympathy for the individual instead of jumping on the individual.

Kay said...

Having a section of bigger seats would be great... and when you buy your ticket you could request them... but what happens when everyone wants them? Even people who aren't REALLY big, just sort of big... would there be regulations in place to keep the BIG seats avail for the really BIG people?

But yes, as a concept, I think it is a really good idea.

Although... don't we already have that a bit... you could pay extra for 1st class where the seats are bigger... right?

Queen-Size funny bone said...

whether you are fat, smelly, crying baby, kicking kid, etc. it all has to do with RESPECT for the people around you. I personally am very self conscious about invading someone elses space. My brother is large and for that reason he always flies first class for the bigger seats. I'd rather sit next to a fat person then a kid kicking my seat for hours.

Ivanhoe said...

I understand the frustration and the humanitarian in me is saying that it's ridiculous. But say it to somebody on a transatlantic flight lasting for 8+ hours... I sure would not like to be squashed by an overly obese person next to me...

NicoleB said...

Well, if you have the money and can afford it, go ahead and pay the surcharge for business or first class, Kay ;)

But I honestly am not willing to pay more than the already outrageous prizes.
Some first class tickets go for 5000 Dollars from Budapest to Dallas, just checked yesterday (it popped up with the other prizes)....

Daryl said...

I am on the fence with this .. I am sure if I was obese I would be highly offended ... I am also sure if I was squashed into a middle or window seat and held captive by someone's body overflowing their seat onto mine I would not be happy ... but I dont know how this would be enforced .. are the airlines going to ask you to tell them your weight when you buy a ticket?

Kay said...

Aye Nicole, that was my point... I don't think we should hae to pay more to avoid getting squished.

I honestly don't have an answer, I can just see it form both sides.

Geraldine said...

I agree about the bigger seats and PLLEAAASE more leg room too. This is a dangerous position to be in (the leg room issue) but I digress.

I hear ya Mary, we may all be next but I wouldn't want anyone leaning their (excuse me) flab on to my seat or worse on to ME! Ive flown quite a bit, have been lucky so far. Interesting post!

Hugs, G

Anonymous said...

The larger seat idea is the least derogatory and most acceptable solution. They could charge a little more for the seat and limit availability to the overweight and disabled. Stewards could enforce this regulatory standard. Large people know they are large just as small know they are small. Most planes seating arrangements and design were made before we hit the obese epidemic when most people were exercising more and technology which allows us to be less physically active did not exist as well as so many fast food diets. Let the large be. Let the marketing department figure out how to make flights sell, and most of all, how to make us all comfortable. The large know they're large!