Sunday, March 08, 2009

Kay's Seven Deadly Sins Challenges #2 - Wrath

WRATH or ANGER or RAGE is probably the sin that I have the most difficulty with. Kaylia, the mistress of this meme, defined Wrath as a deep, deep anger over at her blog, Perhaps We Learned Something..., and every once in a while ANGER or RAGE does overtake me.

However, sticking with my plan to try and find these sins captured in art, I have been able to find on You Tube the Gregorian chant called "Dies Irae" or "Day of Wrath."

What follows represents God's wrath ( a Just God has no more Mercy for sinners) as it's expressed at the end of the world on Judgment Day.

This is a rendition of the famous 13th century Latin Catholic hymn, "Dies Irae" about the Second Coming of Christ and Judgment Day. This rendition is from the 1994 CD, "Ego sum Ressurectio," and is difficult to find.

This is Memling's Day of Judgment painted in the 15th century.

The following painting is by Michelangelo and resides in the Sistine Chapel and is called The Last Judgement:

Does all this mean God on the Last Day will commit the sin of Wrath? Oh let's not get into that now!


Mojo said...

Of all the wraths I wouldn't want to incur, I guess this one takes the taco. Talk about getting in front of more torque than you can handle! Definitely some smiting going on in these paintings... no doubt about it.

Great take on the Sin of the Week. And an interesting question at the end too. Remember when "W" said "It's not illegal when the President does it"? I hate to say it, but maybe he was on to something there.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Okay another sin going on with naked people.

♥ Kathy said...

Yes, let's not get into it right confuses me if I'm to be 100% honest. *sighs*

Kay said...

Great post... What a way to start my monday morning :P

And as for your question, I think that Christians would say that since God is perfect and incapable of sin, whatever he does is sin-free... even if the same action would count as a sin for the rest of us.

Not that there could possibly be any sort of double standard or inconsistency with an aspect of a religion, right?

I think Wrath is the worst sin, glad to be done with it.

Shinade said...

Dear me right now I am just praying to find your Mellow yellow so I can get started on RT!!

I love the Gregorians though and their chants.

I think perhaps the greatest sin for anyone is to be a hypocrite. Because to be one you are a liar. And that chain of events can take anywhere.